This is the story about how the Wiper Wave came to be.

About 5 years ago I was driving around with my sister Liza.

Someone was trying to switch lanes so I slowed down to let them in. We waited for the thank you wave... and waited... It never came.

You know the feeling. You do something nice for someone and they don't acknowledge you. You're not asking for money or applause. Just to be acknowledged the same way you acknowledged them.

Tyler - "It would be funny if we had a hand on the back of our car so we could wave super obviously to people to thank them."

Liza - "You should make that."

Tyler - "Maybe I will..."

3 years later I launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Wiper Wave. It was backed by hundreds of people all over the world to the tune of $10,000+.

Through their generosity and support I was able to make and manufacture the Wiper Wave and now it is available for purchase internationally.


We are all part of a human community. We are a family. A race that is inhabiting a relatively small sized ball floating in space.

We are the ones who create the world around us. If we want a world where people feel connected, a world of fun, peace and respect, we have to take it upon ourselves to make that happen.

Sometimes all it takes is a wave : )